The past couple weeks have been a blur. Starting to execute an idea that percolated over a Taco Bell party pack, Brad and I launched our fineart.dcmetro Instagram account, our facebook page, as well as our ongoing development of this website. Easier said than done, we've begun to check off a laundry list of items some including: acquiring the domain and setting up an optimal hosting package, designing a logo, creating strategies for our scheduling of content... the list goes on and on...

Looking forward to documenting another Metro stop. Out of convenience, our first station was Rosslyn. That station alone provided so much content we still have double digits in the archives. As we go through each Metro stop we will shed light on the beautiful peculiarities of each Metro, and highlight the life that often goes unseen. Let us know which stops you would like to see!

This week we're hoping to tackle some of the back end SEO settings to optimize our ranking within google to expand our reach and grow our following in addition to shooting another metro, and finish roadmapping our short and long-term goals.

The Instagram page has had a fantastic reception thus far. Brad and I are truly looking forward to all the future collaborations in the DMV.

For The City,


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